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Founded in 1976, the Santa Cruz Guitar Company brought boutique guitar making to the forefront of the steel string guitar business.  Richard Hoover invites you to watch this short film by LR Baggs, which documents the culture of SCGC’s small production lutherie and mission to provide musicians with exceptional instruments that truly change the world.

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Last Saturday I had the privilege of meeting Richard at Key Music in Antwerp. I am a secondary school teacher but have been working at Key Music for about 20 years. First as a student job and later on just because I couldn’t quit working there because I loved it too much. My department at Key Music has always been the acoustic guitar department because I simply adore acoustic guitars.

Because I have been working there, I have had the privilege of getting to play about a 1000 different acoustic guitars. From very cheap guitars to very expensive boutique guitars. A couple of years ago (about 9 years) our store decided to sell Santa Cruz guitars and I have to say… I immediately fell in love.

When I first tried my ‘guitar to be’ I was completely stunned… everything was up to my personal taste… incredible looks, and that sound… my oh my that sweet sound. A simply perfect EQ to my ears… and I knew… I have got to have this because this magic will never ever happen again. And in the last 9 years, no guitar has come to the same standards (in my humble opinion off course).

There isn’t a day that I don’t play my guitar and when I do… everything just drops right off my shoulders. To this very day… it is still magic to my ears, hands and heart.

Therefore, thank you all at Santa Cruz for the amazing work you all have done.

Bob de Groot, The Netherlands


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