Customize your own Santa Cruz Guitar

At Santa Cruz Guitar Company, we don’t just offer custom work, we are a true custom shop. Over 70% of the guitars we build are customized by players and our dealers for unique tonal qualities, necessary playability requirements and personal taste. Every model in our catalog is open to customization, and we encourage players to work with their local dealers and our shop directly to design exactly what they need sonically and visually. Tone woods, bracing patterns, body variations, neck profiles, appointments, bindings, inlays, finishes and more are all available for modification on any Santa Cruz Guitar model.

Below is a form that walks you through the customization process, and shows most of the options available to you. Once you submit the form, a copy will be emailed directly to you. We welcome you to contact us with any questions about the design process, or to be connected you to your local SCGC dealer.

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